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Web Hosting Shopping Guide

What is Web Hosting? Web hosting means a web host provides the storage, connectivity, and services necessary to serve files for a web site.

What is a Web Host?A web host provides web hosting services and their detailed offers of storage, connectivity, There are literally thousands of web hosting services, ranging from individuals to worldwide corporations.

Rocky ViewWeb Hosting Plans and Packages.Extras vary depending on which web hosting company you sign up with, but generally most operating systems like (Unix, Linux, Windows, etc), varying disk space (storage in MB) sizes, data transfer (traffic measured in GB) rates, email (POP3, auto responders, forwarding), databases, scripting languages (PHP, ASP, JSP, etc), CGI-Bin access, FrontPage access, an IP Address, log files access and reporting statistics, secure cloud server (SSL) for e-commerce, shopping carts, and a web based control panel. 

How much does Web Hosting cost?Web hosting costs greatly depend on your personal web hosting needs. You can find for more companies for web hosting services like-: One and One web hosting, Jumpline web hosting, Dataflame web hosting, ValidWeb web hosting, and HousteRoute web hosting.

What to look for a Web Hosting Plan?Here are some of the options you should be looking for in a reliable and cost effective web host:

• Is the web host dependability, stability, and profitability?

• Is the location of the web host suitable for you (local, regional, national, worldwide)?

• What is the uptime or reliability like with this web host?

• Can the web host handle peak traffic volumes for your web sites availability?

• Is the web host scalability and prepared to accommodate growth?

• Does the web host offer premium hardware and fast servers with quality components?

• What type of web site monitoring will they offer you?

• Will they backup your web site frequently and allow for easy recovery?

• Overall price of the web hosting plans.

• What is the web hosts technical support like?

• What are the support hours?

• What are the support response times?

• What type of support methods do the web host offer; free/toll phone, email, IM, Live Person?