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Our designs range from the timeless provincial style to the latest modern trends. Our outdoor kitchens are innovative and we are proud of our product.
Whether it’s a simple query, a design consultation or a complicated renovation project, we are here to help.

Values that lead us



People are at the heart of everything we do. In listening well we discover the keys to a design which will genuinely reflect our client lifestyle.



From multi-functioning family kitchen rooms to minimalist cooking stations, every Banstead Kitchen Studio is unique, allowing us to be highly creative- from concept to completion. We design kitchens in partnership with our clients, working closely with them to reflect their lifestyles and the way they spend time within their homes.



Good design has potential to transform the lives of these in touches. We are a reflection of human individuality and a sign of personal style. They are an invitation to a creative play with the effects of surfaces, the mix of materials, the possibilities in design.



We develop our ideas in partnership with our clients, drawing inspiration from the environment in which they will use their home.

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